The software has four main functions:

  1* Play coin boost game.

  2* Automatic Sending Hearts.

  3* Automatic Claim Hearts.

  4* Buy Happiness Box or Premium Box.

We run the game on our servers, where we get the coin boost, schedule automatic sending and claiming of hearts and box purchases.

The software will run the game in your account, so do not enter the game in your account in your mobile device, if it occurs it will give connection error due to the simultaneous login.

Coin Boost

We have 3 options of coin boost:

  1* 30,000 - 50,000 coins

  2* 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 coins Members

  3* 100,000,000 - 200,000,000 coins Members

30M - 50M coins; You can use without worry, because this is possible to do normally in the game with strong Tsum and high level.

1MM - 2MM coins; Is recommended to use 1 or 2 times a day because it is a high value of coins, so you will not attract the attention of the producer/staff of the TsumTsum game.

100MM - 200MM coins; Is advisable not to use because it is an extremely high value of coins and will attract the attention of the producer/staff of the TsumTsum game.

Sending Hearts

We have 2 options of sending hearts:

  1* Send once to all friends.

  2* Send every hour to all friends. Members

The send every hour, automatically send hearts for all your friends every hour, very useful when you are going to spend a lot of time without playing, so you can send hearts easily and thus receive many hearts from your friends.

Useful, because when you have many friends, sending hearts through the game becomes a very time consuming and tedious activity.

Claim Hearts

We have 2 options of claim hearts:

  1* Claim hearts once.

  2* Claim hearts every hour. Members

Claim every hour, automatically claims hearts and gifts every hour, very useful when you will spend a lot of time without playing, so you can receive hearts easily and it doesn't leave the mail box at the limit of 99 items.

Useful, for when you are absent and leaves on the option to send hearts automatically every hour, it is good to leave this option also turned on to always be claiming the items in the mail box.

Buy Boxes

We have 2 options of buy boxes:

  1* Buy a Happiness Box.

  2* Buy a Premium Box.

Makes the purchase of a happiness box or premium box, same in the game, however more rapid and agile way.

Tsum repeated, it is possible to see the percentage and level of the ability.

Advice, Risks and Warnings

By using this software, you are acknowleding the fact that you could get banned in TsumTsum game and lose all items with it. Developer Farciminis Rubrum and other contributors are not responsible for what you do with this software. As long as you use the software responsibly you should be ok however.

This website/software is not associated with the Disney, Pixar or Lucasfilm and Tsum Tsum CASH may be against their TOS/EULA.

If you have any questions, we are available by Facebook or E-mail.

Download Now


Run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Need latest version of Java.

Jailbreak (iOS) or Root (Android) is unnecessary as this software is executed using computer.

When the TsumTsum game is updated, our server is updated in a maximum of 24 hours, no need to download a new version of the Software.

How to use:

  * Download below.

  * Unzip "".

  * Run "TsumTsumCASH.jar".

Become a Member


  • *You can purchase a subscription below to gain access to additional features.

  • *Purchasing access multiple times is cumulative, and will make your subscription longer appropriately.

  • *Member's access can take a maximum of 24 hours upon payment.

  • *Each membership is valid for only one LINE account.

  • *Do NOT delete your LINE account.
      The membership cannot be transferred to a new account (even if it has the same e-mail and identical account details).

  • *Memberships are not transferrable.
      Make sure you have the membership on the correct LINE account and correct server (US or JP).

By purchasing a membership, you agree to the above conditions.
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